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Fire Safety Solutions for You

Many businesses come to us asking what fire safety is needed. The simple answer is that they need the right fire safety solution.

And What is that?

In truth, it very much depends on a number of things, including what your business does, what your building is like, and of course, your budget.

What we can say with absolute certainty is that we will find the fire safety solutions that’s right for your business.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment is the cornerstone of every fire safety solution. If you do not have a current one, your business may be breaking the law. We can help keep you legal and safe.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are a great part of any fire saty solution. We can design all types of system, and we will also maintain any system too.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are visible in almost every business you can think of. Whether you need one or a hundred, we can supply and maintain.

Emergency Lighting

When the power goes off, normal lighting is useless. Emergency lighting can ensure you get out, no matter why the power went off.

Disabled Refuge

Accessibility is key to most businesses today. Your lifts will ground automatically if there is a fire. Disabled refuge keeps those less abled safe until rescue.

Other Fire Safety

We have many other options for your fire safety solution. Signage, Specialist fire detection, Fire suppression, and much more. 

Find out today what we recommend for your fire safety solution.

Your Fire Safety Solution

Whatever fire safety your business requires, you also need a company who knows that service is a big part of making it all work.

Whether we design andinstall a fire alarm system, emergency lighting, safety signs, or install fire extinguishers, we never forget that is just the start. 

We are available at the end of the phone, and will respond to any service request. We will be there to make sure it all works, and it keeps you, your staff, and your business safe.

Naturally, your business probably already has some measure of fire safety in place. Perhaps a fire alarm installed before you moved in, or emergency lighting that was installed some time in the past. 

We offer a full maintenance and inspection program which is designed specifically for existing systems and equipment. 

You’ll recevie a full audit, life expectency and performance review on our first visit, and we will help you put together a plan for keeping everything current and working.

We will provide a number of inspeciton visits during each year to ensure that technical aspects of your fire safety are as they should be.

New, or pre-existing, we can deliver your business a total fire safety solution today.

Fire Safety Solutions for Every Business

Fire Risk Assessment is the start and finish of any worthwhile fire safety scheme. Without it, your business will not know what threats it faces from fire, or how best to deal with them.

We can assist with every aspect of your fire safety requirements including completing and maintaining a Risk Assessment. Whether we do it, or someone else does, it will highlight specific areas where risk is greater. 

From this, we are able to put together the correct plan from our range of services, including fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, High Sensitivity Smoke Detection, Disabled Refuge, Smoke Vents, Fire suppression systems, safety signage, and a range of other equipment.

For many businesses, a fire alarm, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers may be all that’s needed. Your Fire RIsk Assessment will identify this.


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